Rediscover your memories while keeping your privacy.

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What makes us different?

We enable users to rediscover their most cherished moments while keeping full ownership of their data.

Privacy by design

Keep full control of your data. It will never leave your laptop.

Forget manual work

taggr takes care of your messy folder structure out of the box.

Constant improvements

taggr is under constant development, and your feedback counts!

Eager to try?

Open beta coming soon to Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

How does taggr work?

Enjoy the ride down memory lane while we take care of the rest.

Install the App

Download the app for Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.

Select your main folder

Within the app, select the main picture folder.

Start exploring!

Rediscover your memories like never before, promised!


List of achieved and upcoming milestones for taggr.